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Does Jim Perrin, ‘Guardian’ Country Diarist, really have Terminal Lung Cancer?

As of today (June 4th, 2021) Jim Perrin has not died of his ‘Terminal Lung Cancer’ — the diagnosis he claimed to have been given in 2007 by the medical profession — and for which, he was at pains to explain, he had specifically elected to receive no treatment of any kind, neither surgical nor palliative; no hospitalisation or the intervention of doctors. He made a great point of this. It seems that it needed to be said. Otherwise how could he have justified his decision to refuse the cancer treatment — which would almost certainly have been the course of action for one who was genuinely diagnosed — without giving the lie to his elaborate subterfuge. His ‘explanation’ was cleverly contrived to pre-empt all suspicion.

In West, published in July 2010, he wrote in detail and at length about his ‘illness’, and in an article in the Times, 13/07/2010, he added: ‘Post-script: My cancer, not worth mentioning in my view [yet here, clearly, he is doing just that], carries a one chance in ten of survival beyond five years. In November I’ll be three years in.’ So stoic; so very brave…

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