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Jim Perrin: More practice needed to deceive?

We began this post when we noticed changes on Jim Perrin’s Wikipedia page, the 7th., 8th., and 9th. of November last year in which it was stated:  ‘…of Huguenot descent, he was born James Earnest Perrin in Manchester, England. Since 2007 he has lived in the Midi-Pyrénées department of Ariège.’ In the past we have drawn attention to other anomalies on his Wikipedia page, but this post relates to changes which were made from November, last year. (Readers may see them for themselves by googling the Wikipedia page and going to ‘View history’.) There were A). a name change, B). the removal of details of his children, C). a claim of Huguenot descent and D). information that he had not lived in the UK since 2007. (On 08/11/2016 details of eight extra obituaries written by Jim Perrin were given — a phenomenal example of retrospective name-dropping…)

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