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Recent news of author, Jim Perrin. 29/11/2016.


Here is irony:

We have heard today that Jim Perrin has — in his own words (on the 16/11/2016) — ‘started studying at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre.’ Doubtless in that environment there may well be many trusting and impressionable people, both students and tutors or course leaders whom, in his own inimitable style, he will be able to influence. (However, please see the added N.B.)

The Quaker philosophy — ‘a faith of simplicity, justice and peace’ — could not be further from that which Jim Perrin has consistently espoused in his own adult life. Indeed his ‘history’, made public on this site (and the details we have posted are truthful and verifiable), might seem to make his presence there rather a mystery. We have every reason to believe, and have said before, that in our opinion Jim Perrin is ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’ and his known and documented conduct over the last decades should, we feel, be taken as warning regarding his future behaviour. Possibly he aspires to become a tutor himself (we know that he once was welcome at the Ty Newydd Writing Centre in Wales) but his PhD is fictitious — see the references below.

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