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‘Guardian’ Country Diarist Jim Perrin, (alias ‘Llywarch’—alias ‘Tim Bartley’) reviews his own work

Virtually since the inception of our site we have explained why we are convinced that Jim Perrin has used ‘Llywarch’ (among a number of other names) as an alias, and we believe the mounting circumstantial evidence is by now all but conclusive. Finally he too seems to have realized that we — and many others who now see through him — are laughing at him, and his derisory foolishness in believing that his fraudulent behaviour has not been detected.

However, nothing daunted in his sense of invincibility, nor in his on-going efforts to puff his own work, yet apparently accepting at last that his continued use of the name ‘Llywarch’ was leaving him wide open to ridicule (not to mention making evident his determined deceit) he has ‘pulled’ the review of his own work Shipton and Tilman which he had posted on Amazon, 25/03/2013. Continue reading


Jim Perrin’s libel-less libel

When the author Jan Morris reviewed ‘West:’  in IWA’s journal, AGENDA  on 25/12/2010, she posed this question:  ‘Is it good or bad to be proprioceptive?’   We replied to this review in a post of our own:  ‘Our response to a review by Jan Morris.’  ‘The point ”proprioceptive” is most pertinent to our sister’s story. Jim Perrin has made cleverly libel-less statements in these passages. We know to whom he refers, as do others also. He knows that we know (as they say) and it is a serious matter which we will be writing about in a future post.’

This is the post:

Jim Perrin had written about our sister — with a reference to her former husband which was virtually libellous, and described, with an almost abnormally distasteful relish, injuries which he claimed she had received at his hands. He said:  ‘a previous man in her life had beaten her savagely about the head, and her corrective balance was gone.’ And on page 220, describing an accident,  he wrote:  ‘she had fallen in the night at the flat where she was staying, had cracked her lumbar vertebra.’ He could not have known this — there was no medical  examination.  (See Jac’s accident to read his description of another accident which befell her.)

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A ‘Llywarch’ (JP?) review

(NB: He has recently reinvented himself as ‘Tim Bartley’ and changed ALL his original ‘Llywarch’ reviews to this name… so very slippery! )

There was a review by ‘Llywarch’ on Amazon, 25/03/2013, of a biography of HW Tilman written by JRL Anderson: High Mountains and Cold Seas, and, ‘Llywarch’ remarked, ‘There will surely be more [biographies] and better to come.’ (Do note: ‘better’.)

The book reviewed was published decades ago, in December 1980 although interestingly Jim Perrin’s own book, Shipton and Tilman had been published only eighteen days before ‘Llywarch’ (JP?) posted this review, on 07/03/2013. This was in time for the 60th anniversary of the Everest ascent and it may be assumed the author had equally high hopes of the prestigious Boardman Tasker award*. Was the posting of ‘Llywarch’s (now Tim Bartley’s) review rather more than a coincidence? Continue reading