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Dr (?) Jim Perrin’s involvement with TGO

We noticed the following on Mark’s walking blog. He posted it on the 10/6/2011 and it was headed: ‘Re-vamped TGO magazine.’

There were flattering and well-deserved observations on the ‘new look’ and among the comments which followed was Alan Sloman’s:  ‘They have ditched Jim Perrin (did anyone ever get past the first three paragraphs without wondering what he was on?) and given space to writers who seem able to get their message across.’

Mark replied:  ‘I don’t think I ever read Jim Perrin articles let alone get past the first three paragraphs !!’  and Martin Rye said:  ‘Based on that I might start reading it again. Got fed up with paying for stuff I would not read like Perrin and water-pistols at dawn.’

*       *       *       *       *

These were opinions to which they were entitled but while ‘ditched’ Dr. Perrin may well (and some think should) have been, we note that somehow he has managed to cling by chalked fingertips to the dizzying heights of this prestigious title and, what is more, is now in a position to review the writing of others — both the quick and the dead. Continue reading