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Banff Mountain Book Award — Should Jim Perrin be trusted to judge his peers impartially?

This morning, 26/09/2012, we were telephoned by one of our many well-wishers who thought we would be interested to know that Jim Perrin is this year on the jury for the Banff (Canada) Mountain Book Award.

If our ‘well-wisher’ is correct it is an extraordinary coincidence that this information has come to us after we posted, only last night, Might Jim Perrin also have used aliases? ref. R J Ellory, which it is our absolute belief he has been doing for many years.

We know that he flatters to their faces those whom he later — it might be said — stabs in the back, and we gave as an example one name, Joe Simpson, mountaineer and author of many award-winning books.

From reading and googling it is apparent that a most talented young author, and one who writes with great elegance of style, Robert Macfarlane, has also been the recipient of this bizarre and detestable behaviour: as well, it has come to our notice that the eminent scholar, historian and author, David Craig has, similarly, been affected by what in our opinion can only be described as the quite wicked — even corrupt? — machination of Jim Perrin who was instrumental in causing a book of his to be ‘over-looked’ for an award. Continue reading


Might Jim Perrin also have used aliases? (Ref. R J Ellory)

We spoke of ‘Melangell’ in the previous post but ‘Liz’, we are certain, was Jim Perrin, and ‘My Sweet Waterfall’.  Both posted on ‘To Hatch a Crow’ — pro-Jim Perrin and anti-Jac’s Sisters, and then ‘Liz’ posted several comments on the Amazon thread following a review of Jim Perrin’s book, West.

Each time we put up a new post ‘Liz’ responded to the content — sometimes within hours — on Amazon, with no mention at all of the book; the postings were obvious attempts to vilify us and to discredit our site. To be fair to Amazon they removed all those comments when we pointed out to them what was happening, although we have of course kept print-outs …

We also alerted them to our suspicions that ‘Mark’ / ‘Marc’ was, in reality, Jim Perrin.  A gushing review of his own book, with five stars, (and a gratuitous reference to Jac’s sisters), and a flattering review of a book by Niall Griffiths, with five stars, — a friend of Jim Perrin’s at the time — had been posted.  They are still there; but a review of another, intelligent and highly regarded, author’s work was so cynical in its wording as to be recognized for the malice it was, and one star. Continue reading


Jac’s sisters write in response to the recent R J Ellory scandal with particular reference to Jim Perrin

The recent furore concerning abuse of the internet by ill-intentioned, deceitful and dishonest authors is daily growing in momentum.

Jeremy Duns’ research by which he uncovered the scandal of the behaviour of crime-writer, R J Ellory, and which he has now made public, clearly resonates with many other authors and readers, including ourselves, as is shown by the number of articles (and following comments) on the subject.

In the course of our posts on ‘jacssisters’, we have given our own opinion that one of The Guardian country diarists, Jim Perrin, is someone who practises these deceits; and we have noted several names which we believe he has used as aliases — possibly ‘hi-jacked’ — or even  perhaps ‘borrowed’ from friends or acquiescent acquaintances.

From July 2010 we were attacked by what, we have no doubt, were the pseudonymous postings of ‘Melangell’ (JP?)* on The Guardian thread which followed the review by Sir Andrew Motion of a questionable book by Jim Perrin; a book which contained many wicked lies about our sister Jac, (Jacquetta) — some of which were exceptionally distasteful.  This was one of the reasons that we set up this site. Continue reading