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Jim Perrin’s ‘last roll of the dice’?

The lies Jim Perrin wrote about our sister are many and ‘imaginative’; those concerning her financial circumstances, told to imply his own ‘nobility’, are just some among all the other false-hoods (and we have proved them to be so) to which we have taken, on her behalf, the gravest exception.  The emphases in the extracts are ours:

Page 65.     ‘Quite early in our relationship I had resolved to sell my house in Llanrhaeadr, USE THE EQUITY TO PAY OFF HER DEBTS… ’

Page 200.    ‘Jac had come to me exhausted, drained, depressed and filled with forebodings… Look away as we might we know when the grave illnesses are taking hold, are growing inside us…. the crab nips before it wrenches and tears…  In [our] brief season [May 1st until ‘Autumn coming’] SHE HAD BEEN RELIEVED OF DIFFICULTIES SHE’D BEEN FACING, but her injury and the constant pain of it had taken their toll.’ Continue reading