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Amazon will have thousands upon thousands of contributors and monitoring of their site on a one-to-one basis is, presumably, well nigh impossible: they will rely on their contacts to be — always — honest and honourable.

Therefore we feel that there is considerable leeway for an ill-intentioned person to use this web for their own advantage and by the deceptive practice of entering spurious addresses — with reviews and following comments — to produce threads to weave as their own.

The untangling of these threads would be a task indeed.

Jac’s sisters


Stop Press

Jac’s sisters believe that the author Jim Perrin has been instrumental in having their reviews of his book West, with their other comments, removed from the Amazon website. These will not be ‘lost’ as we have print-outs and will post them here, on our own site, but it is fascinating evidence of how Jim Perrin ‘polices’ the web… (albeit there remain exceptionally favourable reviews which in our opinion he has posted himself — using aliases).

To quote the words of a sister, and which we used in an earlier post: ‘Who else but HE would care, or would be sufficiently interested, or would have the motive?’

Jac’s sisters.


We are not convinced!

No protestation, however skilfully contrived, has convinced us that ‘Liz’ is not, in fact, the author of West; with each comment we believe the circumstantial evidence increases.

Recently she invited us — to prove that she wasn’t Jim Perrin — to ‘look up the rest of [her] reviews…’  (On Amazon.)

We did:  ‘These [mules] are extremely comfortable and really nice in the silver (actually more of a pewter colour).  Good value.  Flattering.’  And, of a second pair, ‘These sandals are sooo [sic] comfortable and well made. The brown ones…’.  Her reviews are not in the same literary style as her comments about us!  And as a note said both of these items were ‘currently unavailable’, we wonder why she bothered. (Except of course we think she was merely spinning a yarn, and placing false comments as part of her (JPs?) on-going subterfuge.)

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Jac’s sisters have reviewed West on Amazon: now largely discredited for the exaggeration and the proved and reprehensible lies of the author — it is hardly surprising that it has achieved neither good sales figures* nor even a place on the long-list for the prestigious ‘Wales Book of the Year’. Doubtless this will have surprised Jim Perrin greatly as he has been the blue-eyed boy of that literary circle for many profitable years…  Continue reading