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An open letter concerning Jim Perrin’s book ‘West:’ and his relationship with Jacquetta

We write to express our unhappiness at the promotion of Jim Perrin’s book West. It purports to be autobiographical, but in parts it is deeply dishonest and has caused great hurt to ourselves and to others.  He focuses on his relationship with our sister Jac (Jacquetta), whose illness and death he describes.  He calls her his ‘wife’ and pretends that they were ‘together’ many years ago — this is untrue and in the last two-and-a-half years of our sister’s life they lived together for barely eighteen months.  Latterly Jac intended to end the relationship.

We would also like to bring to your attention the fact that during the time with our sister he assaulted her younger son.  The injuries were photographed and the incident was logged by the police.

Only days after her death he claimed that she had wished him to take over the tenancy of her house.  This was a lie.  She had been given an assurance by the landlord that in the event of her death the tenancy would go to her children.  They had just lost their mother and Jim Perrin was now threatening their right to the family home. Continue reading


An introduction to our open letter

This following entry on our site is in the form of an open letter because we have become aware that ‘West:’ is being considered for ‘the Wales Book of the Year’; an honour awarded by the Welsh Academi.

Of the many books written by Jim Perrin this, as we have shown throughout our site, is certainly one which contains provable lies about a real, but sadly now powerless person; our sister.

We believe the book is noteworthy because of the author’s attempt to ‘use’ her, after her death — when he well knew that the relationship was breaking down while she was alive. He has also written appalling untruths about two of her former partners who are the fathers of her children.

We started our site only to put the record straight — never dreaming, that despite the sophistry and lies which we have indisputably proved to be in this book, it could in the literary stratosphere be considered so worthy of merit, let alone prize-worthy. Continue reading


Analysis of anonymous letter

We sent the anonymous letter for analysis to a highly qualified and experienced professional, whose CV includes work for local councils, the Police, solicitors and the Courts to name just some of their clients and we now add their report to our site.

Whilst as a courtesy we are protecting their anonymity at this stage, they are willing if called upon to act on our behalf.

The analysis reads as follows:
[The examiner’s name.]
Certified Document Examiner and Consultant Graphologist.

10th. August 2010.

Dear [Jac’s sister],

Re.   Questioned Handwriting.

“Thank you for your letter, and for providing me with the questioned handwriting date stamped 8th. July 2005, document: reference Q-1.  You have also provided me with the following known samples of handwriting: K-1 Handwritten A5 envelope date-stamped 21st January 2005, K-2 ‘TRAVELS WITH THE FLEA’ notepaper.  (Also included were two other similar pieces of notepaper K-3 and K-4, all annotated). Continue reading