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Emotional, psychological and physical abuse…

A ground-breaking documentary on BBC 1 (‘Behind Closed Doors’, 14/03/2016.) examines domestic abuse towards women and features three victims who have spoken out. The sad truth is that still, in the majority of such cases, the person attacked feels it impossible—and for many complex reasons—to challenge their abuser or ‘to go public’ with their experiences; thus they are unable to access the professional help which is available, and which could be a life-saver to them (both figuratively and actual). Much more publicity should be given to this under-the-radar outrage and any action which contributes to the help and support of those subjected to it is to be welcomed.

One invaluable step forward is the introduction of a law concerning emotional and psychological manifestations of abuse—until now very difficult to quantify—sometimes, but not always, a precursor to physical violence although perhaps more subtle as there are no physical bruises. Continue reading


Jim Perrin’s libel-less libel

When the author Jan Morris reviewed West on 25/12/2010 she posed this question: ‘Is it good or bad to be proprioceptive?’ Jim Perrin had written of our sister—with a reference to her former husband which was virtually libellous—and described, with distasteful relish, injuries which he claimed she had received. He said: ‘A previous man in her life had beaten her savagely about the head, and her corrective balance was gone.’ And on page 220, describing an accident, he wrote: ‘She had fallen in the night at the flat where she was staying, had cracked her lumbar vertebra.’ He could not have known this—there was no medical examination. (See Jac’s accident to read his description of another accident which befell her.)

We responded to this review: ‘The point ”proprioceptive” is most pertinent to our sister’s story. Jim Perrin has made cleverly libel-less statements in these passages. We know to whom he refers—as do others also. He knows that we know (as they say) and it is a serious matter which we will be writing about it in a future blog.’ This is the blog… Continue reading


Deaf ears in Wales?

Is all the information that we have discovered and made public about the author Jim Perrin falling on deaf ears in Wales? Apparently not minded to take any notice of the details which we have been posting, the editor of the ‘New Welsh Review’ continues to credit him with her personal approval; even allowing to stand, in NWR, a review of ‘West’ in which the reviewer used these accusatory words—by implication, of our family and Jac, the sister we lost to cancer— ‘…about the cruel and covetous behaviour of the immediate family of the recently deceased…’ [See Pillaging] This was shameful, as although the reviewer may not have known the facts, the editor had been told. Continue reading