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Has Jim Perrin bitten the hand that feeds him?

We have shown in several of our posts that the author, Jim Perrin, has become ‘well-embedded’ in the Welsh literary community, see: ‘Deaf ears in Wales?‘, not least by his false claims of Welsh heritage, see: ‘Jim Perrin’s family background‘. In other posts we have recorded our belief, giving examples for comparison, that he has frequently used aliases to review or comment: he always flatters his own work to an inordinate degree. On occasion he praises the book of an author he ‘admires’, but it is more usually the case that he has used the anonymity which an alias provides to write disparagingly or, at worst, with thorough-going nastiness of the work of others (see Llywarch’s poisoned pen).

‘Llywarch’s’ (JP?) risible one star review of Harriet Tuckey’s award-winning Everest, The First Ascent perfectly displays his spiteful nature and it can only be supposed that it was pure jealousy which prompted him to write it—his own book Shipton and Tilman was published in the same anniversary year, 2013, and was submitted to the same Boardman Tasker competition: perhaps he anticipated winning the award himself—he certainly reviewed it in glowing terms, see: ‘Llywarch’ on Amazon (where it will be seen that he has changed the name to ‘Tim Bartley’). Please read reviews or comments by ‘Jokerman’, ‘Llywarch’, ‘Melangell’—on the ‘Guardian’ thread, ‘DrudwyBranwen’, and, most recently, ‘Tim Bartley’ to be reminded of the ‘evidence’ which backs our theory. There are other names we suspect but have not yet listed. Continue reading


‘DrudwyBranwen’ (JP?)—again

We had not realised that the Guardian was a bilingual newspaper so we were surprised, as others may have been, that in response to Jim Perrin’s Country Diary entry for 28/3/14 two comments were posted in Welsh. As there was no English translation this might have been seen as discrimination. Apart from the failure by the Guardian moderator to edit comments not in English (Jim Perrin’s Friends in High Places?) was it a ‘first’ to have comments in a language unlikely to be spoken by the majority of the Guardian’s readers?

And then there is the on-going question of Jim Perrin’s deceitful invention of multiple aliases: in any event, we believe—and have print-outs not yet shown on our site—that, by using pseudonyms, he has previously planted comments as double bluffs. Could this be another example? Who is ‘Welshbarbarian’? Who is ‘DrudwyBranwen’? Continue reading


Jim Perrin, the ‘Guardian’ Country Diarist for Wales, is a Wanted Man

‘Melangell’ (JP?) commented on the Guardian Country Diary thread, 18/10/10: “Set those diarists world-wandering a bit more often, I say, reporting back from wherever they like in the global village.”  This response was to a diary entry from Papua New Guinea which was posted by Mark Cocker, an ornithologist with an international reputation whose twice-a-month diaries, since 1988, have been consistently outstanding: perhaps he had been there in the course of his research.

Jim Perrin, amongst all the other Guardian Country Diarists, is the only one to have the honour, if it could be said, of being specifically designated as the diarist for an entire country—Wales. Continue reading