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Something Borrowed

Those who follow the erratic career of Jim Perrin may be aware of his apparently leisurely project to write a biography of the Victorian traveller and writer George Borrow, whose most well-known book is Wild Wales. Indeed Perrin has laid claim to the mantle of Borrow, at least as regards his shamelessly exculpatory association, by implication, of his own book West with Borrow’s (as Perrin calls it) ‘fictivized autobiography’, as if this justifies West‘s catalogue of offences to the dead and the living.

But we believe he can lay legitimate claim to many Borrovian characteristics. In his Introduction to the 1906 J M Dent edition of Wild Wales, Theodore Watts-Dunton wrote of its author:

A characteristic matter connected with Borrow’s translation [of a work of literature in Welsh] is that in the Quarterly Review for January 1861 he himself reviewed it anonymously, and not without appreciation of its merits—a method which may be recommended to those authors who are not in sympathy with their reviewers. The article showed a great deal of what may be called Borrovian knowledge of the Welsh language and Welsh literature, and perhaps it is not ungenerous to say a good deal of Borrovian ignorance too. Continue reading


Has “Snowdon” author Jim Perrin NO shred of shame?

Never one to forgo an opportunity to repeat his ‘stories’ Jim Perrin would have been pleased to agree the text of the foreword to his recent book ‘Snowdon’, with its inclusion of the reference to ‘West:’ (we note his article in ‘Planet’ in which he mentions again his expertise with a labouring sheep: ‘… as I’d done often in my shepherding days.’*)

It is apparent that Jim Perrin has no shred of shame: he knows – as by now do thousands of others – that we, Jac’s sisters, have proved him to be an outright liar (and not just a purveyor of ‘the little white lie’) and, that much of what he wrote so ‘movingly’ about Jac we have shown, irrefutably, to be UNTRUE.


The foreword was written by one who appears to believe in him implicitly, saying of him: ‘…his confessional and heart-rending “West.  A Journey Through the Landscapes of Loss” – [is] as moving and profound an exploration of grief and the will to live as one is likely to find.’

Yes, over the years, Jim Perrin has practised his prose assiduously and is a talented word-smith.  He has learned, in particular, how to tug at the heart-strings of his readers – and to convince them of his probity – although we have, throughout this blog, described his behaviour and how he did behave to our own sister: and we do not forget the many other young and vulnerable women whose lives, we know, have been blighted by his abuse. Continue reading


Does author Jim Perrin have a phantom PhD?

The title above is an alternative for the posting which precedes this note as Google have changed (on their site) the title as we wrote it – perhaps they have received a complaint? Now, when ‘Jim Perrin’ is Googled, they have quoted instead the first line of our blog, missing out our title entirely.

Nevertheless, the question remains. If the PhD is spurious a complaint would be understandable as the complainant would not wish more attention to be drawn to any possible deception: proof, on the other hand would settle the matter…