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Jac believed what Jim Perrin told her… she was not aware of the truth — Part 1

We have written of our sister’s meeting with Jim Perrin in late 2002 and of how he went to live with her — ‘a safe house’ — in 2003. She had no idea of his pressing necessity to leave Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant or that his intention was to outmanoeuvre the Child Support Agency. Jac was unaware of that aspect of his life, he made sure that it was so, and it would be many months before she learned the truth; even then, only partially.

In several posts we have mentioned Jim Perrin’s slippery evasion of this agency and we fear that inadvertently the impression might have been given that our sister was party to his actions. Knowing that he had a small baby, why did she appear so accepting of his parental neglect? Why had she involved herself with one apparently so heartless, and disrespectful of another woman — the mother of that child? The answer is that Jac had not been told and she had no idea at all. Continue reading


Might Jim Perrin have used the name of another author to deceive the CSA?

In October, 2002, (according to the invoice we have seen of a removal firm dated on the 18th. of that month), Jim Perrin’s household effects were taken from his previous address in Ruabon, near Wrexham, Denbighshire to ‘Manchester House’, Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant, Powys — both in Wales. We know that he was living at his new address (and he said so himself, in West:) when our sister, Jac, met him again — such ill fate — after knowing him briefly in the distant past; it was at a reading in ‘the Pavilion’, Llangollen on the night of 29/10/2002. Continue reading


‘Snowdon’ author Jim Perrin is a disconcerted man

It has been said (by some who know Jim Perrin well) that we are, with our blog, ‘getting under his skin’ — and, that ‘he is a disconcerted man’.

Asked whether we should not be concerned that by writing the blog we might be drawing more attention to his earlier book ‘West:’, we have thought of it and given it careful consideration: however, we realize that anyone who reads the book we so deplore, and the chapter in ‘The Climbing Essays’, (the first book in which he wrote his lies about ‘Jacquetta’), is likely to become aware of ‘jacssisters’ blog.  We have been told this by many who have found it…

Therefore more people will be able to read for themselves the story of our sister’s short relationship with Jim Perrin — the man she grew to fear — and of the extra ‘issues’ that, with the help of others, have come to light and which we have raised since our first postings.  Those researching him, and discovering our blog — both now and in the future — will learn more about him than ever he would have wished or might have anticipated. Continue reading