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Has Jim Perrin bitten the hand that feeds him?

We have shown in several of our posts that the author, Jim Perrin, has become ‘well-embedded’ in the Welsh literary community, see: Deaf ears in Wales?, not least by his false claims of Welsh heritage, see: Jim Perrin’s family background. In other posts we have recorded our belief, giving examples for comparison, that he has frequently used aliases to review or comment: he always flatters his own work to an inordinate degree. On occasion he praises the book of an author he ‘admires’, but it is more usually the case that he has used the anonymity which an alias provides to write disparagingly or, at worst, with thorough-going nastiness of the work of others — see Llywarch’s poisoned pen.

‘Llywarch’s’ (JP?) risible one star review of Harriet Tuckey’s award-winning Everest, The First Ascent perfectly displays his spiteful nature and it can only be supposed that it was pure jealousy which prompted him to write it — his own book Shipton and Tilman was published in the same anniversary year, 2013, and was submitted to the same Boardman Tasker competition: perhaps he anticipated winning the award himself — he certainly reviewed it in glowing terms, see: ‘Llywarch’ on Amazon (where it will be seen that he has changed the name to ‘Tim Bartley’). Please read reviews or comments by ‘Jokerman’, ‘Llywarch’, ‘Melangell’ — on the ‘Guardian’ thread, ‘DrudwyBranwen’, and, most recently, ‘Tim Bartley’ to be reminded of the ‘evidence’ which backs our theory. There are other names we suspect but have not yet listed. Continue reading


STOP PRESS: Jim Perrin to speak at Dinefwr

At the end of this month there will be an exciting new literary event in Wales.

The ’Dinefwr Literature Festival’, is to be held at the National Trust property, Dinefwr Park and Castle, in Carmarthenshire, West Wales and is a collaboration between the National Trust in Wales; University of Wales − Trinity Saint David; and ‘Literature Wales’. Lleucu Siencyn, chief executive of ‘Literature Wales’ is the festival director.

This is the first of what is intended to become a regular fixture in the Welsh literary calendar, and the dates are June 29th and 30th, and July 1st.

*            *            *            *            *

We note that Jim Perrin (who, it is known, is a Wanted Man) is scheduled to appear at the festival ‘In conversation with Jon Gower’, and he is described in the information as: ‘…… one of our finest writers about mountains and climbing, nature and HUMAN NATURE’ − our capitals! Continue reading


Jac’s Sisters’ letter to Wales Literature Exchange

To the Officers of Wales Literature Exchange

[We have also sent this letter to others to whom it could be of interest]

That you should facilitate the author Jim Perrin’s advertisement for his book ‘West:’ via your video link is very shocking to us.

We have proved beyond doubt that he is a man who has in this book, which he claims to be autobiographical, lied; lie upon lie.

Jac’s sisters – she is the main character in the book – felt the necessity to record the facts; to tell the real story of her short relationship with a man she had come to fear and from whom she planned to separate.  In fact she died, and this too early death from her cancer allowed Jim Perrin to take ‘carte blanche’. Continue reading