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UKClimbing Forum — Jim Perrin and Jac’s sisters, March 2015

We were intrigued when a year ago in March our visitor stats surged into the thousands. Later we were told that this had coincided with the Llanberis Mountain Film Festival, (Llamff), and that UKClimbing had two threads online — the 5th. and the 8th. of March — where our site had been discussed at some length.

On the first thread ‘Goucho’ asked ‘if a skeleton had fallen out of Jim Perrin’s closet’ and Dave Garnett responded with, helpfully, a link to our site. The second was started by ‘Minneconjou Sioux’ who also posted a link.

The threads are: Classic routes and the style they were done in, 05/03/2015, and Does Don Whillans deserve a new biography?  08/03/2015. Continue reading


A grand Boardman Tasker outcome

Harriet Tuckey has been chosen by the judges as the winner of this year’s Boardman Tasker Award for Mountaineering Literature.

Her book is a biography of her father: ‘Everest, The First Ascent: the untold story of Griffith Pugh, the man who made it possible.’ and we would like to take this opportunity to add our congratulations to all those she has already so well-deservedly received.

Also — and this we are particularly pleased and happy to relate — it was decided by the judges and committee that, although he had not this year put forward a book for consideration, they wished to honour Jim Curran. They wrote: ‘A Special Award has been given to Jim Curran for “His Outstanding and Consistent Contribution to Mountain Literature.” ’  What a marvellous accolade this is…


Jac’s sisters.


Jim Curran v Jim Perrin (part 5 of 6)

Jim Curran has spoken with jacssisters at length on the subject of his recollections of Jim Perrin over the years, and told us he has been following our posts regarding him with great interest. Now he has kindly given us permission to use, however we wish, the information in his own absorbing autobiography Here, There and Everywhere, and we are particularly grateful to him for this freedom.

Not only has it enabled us to make public yet another aspect of what in our opinion is Jim PERRIN’S perfidious nature but also, through this sequence of posts, to give greater exposure to a major example of his modus operandi — extra ‘coverage’ of his now notorious scheming — and ‘to set the record straight’:  in this case, for Jim Curran’s sake.

Jac’s sisters.

   *     *     *     *     *

The following is taken from Chapter 28 of Jim Curran’s autobiography:


“During the 1990s I was involved in a protracted saga of litigation that provoked an astonishing amount of vitriol and ill-feeling throughout the British climbing world. During, and ever since that time, I have remained silent and only now, 20 years later, am I prepared to comment on the issues involved, and I do so now with some trepidation. However, as my side of the story has never been made public, I think it is now time to do so. Before I start, I must make it quite clear that the magazine with which I took issue, ‘Climber and Hillwalker’, has since been sold, is now called simply ‘Climber’ and is now under new management and control, with whom, obviously, I have absolutely no quarrel. Continue reading