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Jim Perrin’s fiefdom

We were intrigued by the spite with which ‘Melangell’ wrote of us in comments on ‘The Guardian’ thread, 24/7/10, then amused by what were clearly spurious postings on other sites; finally, bored with the nonsense which was issued at every opportunity – suspected to be devised entirely by Jim Perrin – we set up this blog.

It is said that “All publicity is good publicity” and perhaps we should have left the matter, rather than undertaking this journey in which all sign-posts point “West:” but our natural wish was for the truth about our late sister’s ill-fated relationship with this author to be made known, and we realised that ‘jacssisters’ were those who were best placed for the task.

If we do not speak, Jim Perrin’s provable lies and deceptions – his attitudinising – would go on indefinitely and this knowledge led us to overcome our reluctance and to set out on our venture: from technophobes we became twenty-first century bloggers. Continue reading


Jim Perrin’s scheduled appearance at the Hay Festival 2011

When the author, Jim Perrin, initially wrote publicly of his relationship with our sister, Jac, our first knowledge of it was the article “Touching the Void”, which was published in the ‘Observer’ in July 2005: Roger Alton was, at that time, the editor.

We knew that what Jim Perrin had written of our sister was untruthful. She was not his “lover, wife and friend of forty years”, and it was, in our opinion, pure sophistry to write so, and to deliberately give that impression. Much else was written which we believed to be misleadingly inaccurate, fanciful, and in parts, complete lies.

In his description of the day on which our sister died he could not recall the colour of the balloon given to her by her daughter: tied to the hospital bed-head during the seven days of Jac’s stay, and in the garden that evening, “The little lilac helium balloon that had floated above her head was released.” The balloon was yellow, with a “smiley” face painted on by Jac’s daughter. Continue reading