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Emotional, psychological and physical abuse…

A ground-breaking documentary on BBC 1 (‘Behind Closed Doors’, 14/03/2016.) examines domestic abuse towards women and features three victims who have spoken out. The sad truth is that still, in the majority of such cases, the person attacked feels it impossible—and for many complex reasons—to challenge their abuser or ‘to go public’ with their experiences; thus they are unable to access the professional help which is available, and which could be a life-saver to them (both figuratively and actual). Much more publicity should be given to this under-the-radar outrage and any action which contributes to the help and support of those subjected to it is to be welcomed.

One invaluable step forward is the introduction of a law concerning emotional and psychological manifestations of abuse—until now very difficult to quantify—sometimes, but not always, a precursor to physical violence although perhaps more subtle as there are no physical bruises. Continue reading


Jim Perrin’s terms of bereavement

On page 29 of West Jim Perrin gave details of a night he purported to have spent in the hospital whilst Jac was a patient there. She was admitted in the late Wednesday afternoon until mid-Wednesday of the next week as she was desperately ill with her terminal cancer—intimate ‘details’ we could hardly believe. He told how ‘she was undisturbed after eight o’clock…Nobody arrived to tell me to leave. I crept quietly away at dawn before the routine of the hospital began.’ Today, 7/12/15, we have spoken with a representative of the hospital concerned and asked them whether a patient in their care, so ill as our sister was, might possibly be left ‘undisturbed’ (that is—un-checked!) after 8pm. with no nurse even to look in on her to see if she was sleeping or if she might need some drug to alleviate her pain. Could it be? Continue reading


Jim Perrin’s qualified grief

At first, after reading West, we reviewed it on several Amazon threads—although they were later deleted, we supposed at the request of Jim Perrin. As we have said elsewhere: ‘Who but Jim Perrin could be bothered, or would have the motive?’; (to this day any attempt to post as ‘jacssisters’ is automatically blocked) and subsequently we posted those reviews on our own site. By writing our blog we have sought to expose the many lies that this deceitful man has written about our sister. Continue reading