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—With particular reference to author Jim Perrin, ‘Guardian’ Country Diary contributor and former climber:

We who have suffered physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially from our relationships with this man can now feel a sense of community and hopefully some strength.

As these abuses are revealed in several areas of life, anyone who has suffered at the hands of Jim Perrin should feel more confident to speak out and know we are not alone.

And certainly not in his case as this very helpful website has vividly illustrated.

[A well-wisher]


Emotional, psychological and physical abuse…

A ground-breaking documentary on BBC 1 (‘Behind Closed Doors’, 14/03/2016.) examines domestic abuse towards women and features three victims who have spoken out. The sad truth is that still, in the majority of such cases, the person attacked feels it impossible—and for many complex reasons—to challenge their abuser or ‘to go public’ with their experiences; thus they are unable to access the professional help which is available, and which could be a life-saver to them (both figuratively and actual). Much more publicity should be given to this under-the-radar outrage and any action which contributes to the help and support of those subjected to it is to be welcomed.

One invaluable step forward is the introduction of a law concerning emotional and psychological manifestations of abuse—until now very difficult to quantify—sometimes, but not always, a precursor to physical violence although perhaps more subtle as there are no physical bruises. Continue reading


Conduct unbecoming Mark Cocker

[We apologize for the extraordinary, but absolutely necessary, length of this post]

According to John McEwen, writing in The Spectator, 11/10/14,

Mark Cocker is the naturalist of the moment, with birds his special interest.

This accolade, with dozens more, is presumably the reason that Mr Cocker felt his opinions on other nature-writers are of value, and we have just read his article Death of the naturalist in New Statesman, 17/6/15.

In our view he was by no means as even-handed in his writing of it as was the editor, Jason Cowley, in his publishing of the piece. It may be remembered that it was Jason Cowley, then editor of Granta, who anthologized in Granta 102 (2008) what could be called the cream of ‘The New Nature Writing’, and we do wonder how thoroughly he had read this ‘lecture’ by Mark Cocker—considering its content. Continue reading