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Jac believed what Jim Perrin told her… she was not aware of the truth — Part 2

Considering all we have discovered about Jim Perrin’s past relationships, it is interesting to note that after our sister died of her cancer he managed to gain the support and loving sympathy of at least six other partners—up to the present—(two within the year of Jac’s death) with the claim that he was himself now dying of the disease: they could hardly have missed this tragic coincidence…

His account of the illness, see: ‘Jim Perrin diagnosed with Terminal Lung Cancer?‘, and his patient suffering and acceptance as he dealt so bravely with his failing health; together with his ‘history’ of past distress—the ‘lack of any real love or understanding’—was to make him the irresistible subject for the ministrations of the sensitive women he seems to have targeted (they were never without property or means) and with whom, successively, he began A New Life. Continue reading


Jac believed what Jim Perrin told her… she was not aware of the truth — Part 1

We have written of our sister’s meeting with Jim Perrin in late 2002 and of how he went to live with her—’a safe house’—in 2003. She had no idea of his pressing necessity to leave Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant or that his intention was to outmanoeuvre the Child Support Agency. Jac was unaware of that aspect of his life, he made sure that it was so, and it would be many months before she learned the truth; even then, only partially.

In several posts we have mentioned Jim Perrin’s slippery evasion of this agency and we fear that inadvertently the impression might have been given that our sister was party to his actions. Knowing that he had a small baby, why did she appear so accepting of his parental neglect? Why had she involved herself with one apparently so heartless, and disrespectful of another woman—the mother of that child? The answer is that Jac had not been told and she did not know. Continue reading


Jim Perrin’s libel-less libel

When the author Jan Morris reviewed West on 25/12/2010 she posed this question: ‘Is it good or bad to be proprioceptive?’ Jim Perrin had written of our sister—with a reference to her former husband which was virtually libellous—and described, with distasteful relish, injuries which he claimed she had received. He said: ‘A previous man in her life had beaten her savagely about the head, and her corrective balance was gone.’ And on page 220, describing an accident, he wrote: ‘She had fallen in the night at the flat where she was staying, had cracked her lumbar vertebra.’ He could not have known this—there was no medical examination. (See Jac’s accident to read his description of another accident which befell her.)

We responded to this review: ‘The point ”proprioceptive” is most pertinent to our sister’s story. Jim Perrin has made cleverly libel-less statements in these passages. We know to whom he refers—as do others also. He knows that we know (as they say) and it is a serious matter which we will be writing about it in a future blog.’ This is the blog… Continue reading