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Multiple Online Personality Disorder

Jim Perrin does lead a merry dance through the personal fiefdom (as he seems to regard it) that is the Internet, and we are most grateful that someone else can help us analyse his online activities more deeply than we are able to do. One of our perceptive well-wishers has an interest in the recently described condition M.O.P.D., and has made a brief study of it; and as a follower of our site he has not failed to pick up on our accusations that Jim Perrin has written under pseudonyms. He too has recognized the patterns which he considers point to this likelihood. Very kindly he has sent us this contribution.

He writes:

Let me prefix the following by saying that the lawyers insist on the term ‘I (or we) believe’ being coupled with every assertion regarding Jim Perrin for which hard proof is not provided. In the present matter such proof is not easy to come by — but it certainly exists and could be assembled with (and by some parties of my acquaintance without) the co-operation of certain website operators, internet service providers, and email services; but really, need I bother? Continue reading


‘Guardian’ Country Diarist Jim Perrin, (alias ‘Llywarch’—alias ‘Tim Bartley’) reviews his own work

Virtually since the inception of our blog we have explained why we are convinced that Jim Perrin has used ‘Llywarch’ (among a number of other names) as an alias, and we believe the mounting circumstantial evidence is by now all but conclusive. Finally he too seems to have realized that we—and many others who now see through him—are laughing at him, and his derisory foolishness in believing that his fraudulent behaviour has not been detected.

However, nothing daunted in his sense of invincibility, nor in his on-going efforts to puff his own work, yet apparently accepting at last that his continued use of the name ‘Llywarch’ was leaving him wide open to ridicule (not to mention making evident his determined deceit) he has ‘pulled’ the review of his own work, Shipton and Tilman which he had posted on Amazon, 25/3/13. Continue reading


A ‘Llywarch’ review

[NB: He has recently reinvented himself as ‘Tim Bartley’.]

There was a review by ‘Llywarch’ on Amazon, 25/3/2013, of a biography of HW Tilman written by JRL Anderson: High Mountains and Cold Seas, and, ‘Llywarch’ remarked, ‘There will surely be more [biographies] and better to come.’ (Do note: ‘better’.)

The book reviewed was published long ago, in December, 1980, although interestingly Jim Perrin’s own book, Shipton and Tilman had been published only eighteen days before ‘Llywarch’ (JP?) posted this review, on the 7/3/2013. This was in time for the 60th. anniversary of the Everest ascent and it may be assumed the author had equally high hopes of the prestigious Boardman Tasker award*. Was the posting of ‘Llywarch’s (now Tim Bartley’s) review rather more than a coincidence? Continue reading