Does Jim Perrin escape to a Pyrenean hideaway?

Whilst we do not know when (or if) Jim Perrin moved to France, the many comments written by him and by others show how difficult he is to ‘place’: we think this is his strategy, and in our opinion some of his own comments are designed to deceive — to double-bluff.

After we wrote, in Jim Perrin’s Fiefdom, ‘He has not lived in Wales for some four or five years’ (as this was the deliberate impression he gave in interviews) we were contacted by someone who told us: ‘I can assure you that Jim was living in Penrhyndeudraeth in 2010, he didn’t leave for the French Pyrénées until he had sold his house in October. [Sadly we have learned that there was yet another young woman who was cast aside in this period… ] There are many people in these parts who can verify that.’

We should, it seems, more accurately have written ‘He has not lived in Wales [consecutively] for some four or five years.’

But did the CSA know of that Welsh address? — the answer is ‘yes’ and we have learned that he left very hastily in good time to evade them; and others — (Grant Gee for one) who were also trying to contact him: we know that when he left that property he owed an extremely large amount to British Telecom…

*     *     *     *     *

‘Melangel’l (JP?) wrote on The Guardian’s site, 2/08/2010, that ‘Jim had spent everything he had on Jacquetta in her last couple of years.’ This was not true, but a really despicable lie, and we have shown in earlier postings how Jim Perrin conducts his finances.

He told one of her sisters within only days of Jac’s death — her funeral service had not yet taken place! — that he ‘needed money to move on with… it was only fair’; and he was pressuring Jac’s children to pay him a quite impossibly large sum (this was the measure of the man… ), ref. Overheard at the funeral.  Nevertheless, on page 299 of West he wrote that he ‘had organised finance, bought a house and moved in on the first anniversary of Jac’s funeral’ that is, 2006, — despite having told everyone how impoverished he was…  and that she was the cause! (However we later learned that he had charmed a young woman who had put all her trust in him, and all her money in his control and it was with this new partner that he moved into the house he wrote of in West. Although of course he didn’t mention her in the book!) That’s how Jim Perrin ‘organised his finances’. Sadly, that too ended in heartache for the young woman involved — but then, in quick succession, there was another…  And despite what he wrote it is somewhat surprising that Jim Perrin had a house to sell in 2010 — of his own that is — considering his claims of poverty: and his failure to accept the legal responsibilities towards the support of his under-age children, is remarkable.

*     *     *     *     *

There are other details relating to Jim Perrin’s whereabouts. In The Times, 13/07/2010, he wrote:

‘It led me to the third and most straightforward of a triad of catastrophies — my own diagnosis of terminal cancer.’ (‘My own diagnosis’? — or, the diagnosis he had been given? Our belief is that his statement was a ‘straightforward’ lie). ‘Treatments were suggested but I walked way from them. Instead I moved from Wales to the French Pyrénées. PS. My cancer — not worth mentioning in my view [so brave] carries a one in ten chance of survival beyond five years. In November I’ll be three years in.’

Diagnosis, he is claiming here, was in 2007 but it was certainly his intention to go to France as far back as May 2005: only days after Jac’s death he told one of her sisters of his plan to move to France (via a visit to a former partner in Ireland… ).

This year, in November 2013, he would have been (had he not, to the best of our belief, been setting the scenario with deliberate falsehood) the lucky ‘one in ten survivors over five years’ — six years actually, and with no medical treatment at all! — of the terminal lung cancer with which he implies he was diagnosed, and the details of which (on pages 149 and 301of West) he described with hypochondriacal relish.

An aside here, concerning his story of cancer; we have wondered if Jim Perrin inadvertently revealed a clue…

After quoting (of course) Gillian Rose, Thomas Mann, Coleridge and others he wrote: ‘It is not that I know better than doctors, but I know myself better than they do. Certainly I was becoming more ill — BUT THAT ILLNESS AT A LEVEL DEEPLY SUBCONSCIOUS WAS OF MY OWN MAKING.’ (Our capitals). Is it possible to be aware of ‘a deeply subconscious level’?

*     *     *     *     *

So: in West’; in articles; in radio talks; and in magazine and newspaper interviews Jim Perrin, despite it being ‘not worth mentioning in my view’, contrived to tell the world of ‘his cancer’ and how he had left Wales.

In TGO, September 2010, Emily Rodway after a personal interview with him wrote in an article :

‘Jim himself was diagnosed as having terminal cancer; he left Wales for the Pyrenees where the climate was more conducive to his health and comfort. ”A place where I might breathe again.”  The clean air has improved his health but the diagnosis stands.’

That is, he was living in France well before this interview took place (September, 2010) and yet, mysteriously, according to the message we received, was still in the Welsh village of Penrhyndeudraeth in October: and the phrase ‘but the diagnosis still stands’ is rather strange — an odd emphasis…

And he wrote in West, page 302: ‘Also, news of my condition leaking out, and of the determination to evade suggested treatment, I needed to escape the ravening hordes [!] of the well-meaning with their earth-wisdom and unconditional love and infinite modes of alternative healing and syrupy-shallow hieraticalism.’  He left…

Now, Jim Perrin — having determinedly removed himself to the safety of the French Pyrénées (always his original intention) and thus avoiding, ‘evading’, who knows what CSA hassles? — wrote on page 114 of West  ‘And I must come back to the Autumn of 2002  [he met Jac on the 29th of October] seven years before the time at which I now write in this distant, necessary [?] and self-imposed exile.’…  one can almost hear the violins. Therefore, he is writing this in 2009, in France?

Kirsty Macrum wrote an article after an interview with him, on 11/09/2010, brimming with lies — it was not her fault; we have since spoken with her and quite obviously she had been fed them — she wrote this truth (or was it?): ‘Jim is still writing from his home in the French Pyrénées.’ Not then, as we had been informed, in Wales? The thing is: we have good reason to believe our original contact, as several other witnesses have come forward who were aware that, for a time, Jim Perrin did live in Penrhyndeudraeth whilst he was giving the impression he lived in France. Even he, in our opinion, a master of subterfuge, could not have been in two places at once; or could he…?  What it all amounts to is this: Jim Perrin spends his life looking over his shoulder and takes steps continually to avoid being accosted by representatives of the Child Support Agency; this is his fate. He can never feel wholly at ease.

Jac’s sisters.