‘Deprived children.’ Has not Jim Perrin ‘deprived’ his own?

One of our many correspondents (and an acquaintance of Jim Perrin) has sent us details of an article they had seen, 9/5/18, in which, commenting on the government, he wrote these words: ‘…our children are deprived of all but the skeleton of a state education system…’

In fact we know that the author has taken no interest at all in some of his own children’s education. That this Cri de Coeur should have been written by Jim Perrin is risible. Instead, he is brazen. He has always, unrelentingly, refused to pay any maintenance or financial contributions whatsoever; neither to the lives nor to the education of his under-age children and for whom to this day he is legally liable. ‘Depriving’ them of funding or support he has continually taken the steps necessary to outwit the authorities who would otherwise enforce payment in such a case as his.

Another well-wisher has pointed out the irony that Jim Perrin (despite his vituperation and the near-hysterical outpourings in his political attacks online…) is not even legally able to vote. In his on-going evasion of the Child Maintenance Service he remains ‘of no fixed abode’ and is unable therefore to divulge his whereabouts; information which is a prerequisite for inclusion in the electoral register.

It is true there are a few exceptions to this rule but none that Jim Perrin could claim — as he will undoubtedly be aware, without being linked to, or accessed by, the Child Maintenance Service. He has successfully evaded them for virtually two decades: he is hardly likely now to register to vote; not withstanding the ranting impression he gives online as to his political allegiance.