STOP PRESS: Jim Perrin’s claim of a Quaker connection appears to be fraudulent.

We were told by a well-wisher that Jim Perrin claimed, on 16/11/16, that he ‘started studying at the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre.’  Actually he ‘studied’ at Bangor university according to his own biographical notes, achieving a 2:1 in English; and which we wrote about in January 2013: ‘Does ‘Guardian’ Country Diarist, Jim Perrin, have a phantom PhD?’ (ref. the titles shown below) and because, as so many of our previous posts reveal, we have found him to be a man who lies with consummate  ease — some lies being of exceptional wickedness, and not just ‘little white lies’ — we decided to ask them.

The office personnel as well as the heads of department were, in the true Quaker spirit, generously and openly responsive to our enquiry;  there was none of the stifling ‘political correctness’ which these days so often can obstruct attempts to determine the truth. They informed us that there is no documentation of Jim Perrin ever having attended; neither very recently — as he would have us believe — nor at any time previously. They were able to state this with authority as they have kept a meticulous record, and have updated their database within the last eighteen months. No name was removed from the earlier version and all names were included — up to the present, and going back some fifteen years; and they ‘had even checked the post-graduate names, just in case, although [they] had doubted it… it is a full database.’

They told us that if he had attended for however short a period, using any variant of his name: Jim Perrin, Ernest James Perrin, James Ernest Perrin (or including his optional extra ‘Doctor’ ** &***) his details would have been registered and retained. And, they said, there is no evidence at all that he has ever ‘studied’ — at least in his own name — at that Quaker establishment:  ‘no formal or informal details';   ‘no record of attendance on short study courses';   ‘no record of attendance at any set of lectures';   ‘no record whatever of Jim Perrin having attended’ the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre — according, that is, to those who are officially in a position to verify his ‘claim’.

*   *   *   *   *

Surely it must be clear from this information that Jim Perrin has a most blatant disregard for the truth; and because for so many years he has lied with impunity and without conscience — seldom being challenged — he continues to be, as we believe and have shown in many previous posts, a thoroughly practised exponent of the ‘art’ of deception. And, on that subject, it seems he is still showing no sign of being inconvenienced by the Terminal Lung Cancer of which he said he was given a diagnosis in 2007…

Jac’s sisters.

* Recent news of author Jim Perrin. ** Does the Guardian Country Diarist for Wales have a phantom PhD? *** Banff Mountain Book Award — should Jim Perrin be trusted to judge his peers impartially?


‘Deprived children.’ Has not Jim Perrin ‘deprived’ his own?

One of our many correspondents  (and an acquaintance of Jim Perrin)  has sent us details of an article they had seen, 9/5/18, in which, commenting on the government, the author wrote these words:  ‘…our children are deprived of all but the skeleton of a state education system…’

In fact we know that Jim Perrin has taken no interest at all in some of his own children’s education:  and that he  should have written  this Cri de Coeur is, frankly, risible. Instead, he is brazen. He has always, unrelentingly, refused to pay any maintenance or financial contributions whatsoever;  neither to the lives nor to the education of his under-age children and for whom to this day he is legally liable.  ‘Depriving’ them of funding or support he has continually taken the steps necessary to outwit the authorities who would otherwise enforce payment in such a case as his.

Another well-wisher has pointed out the irony that Jim Perrin (despite his vituperation and the near-hysterical outpourings in his political attacks online… )  is not even legally able to vote. In his on-going evasion of the Child Maintenance Service he remains ‘of no fixed abode’ and is unable therefore to divulge his whereabouts;  information which is a prerequisite for inclusion on the electoral register.

It is true there are a few exceptions to this rule but none that Jim Perrin could claim — as he will undoubtedly be aware — without being linked to, or accessed by, the Child Maintenance Service. He has successfully evaded them for virtually two decades:  he is hardly likely now to register to vote;  not withstanding the ranting impression he gives online as to his political allegiance.


Does Jim Perrin, ‘Guardian’ Country Diarist, really have cancer?

As of today Jim Perrin has not died of his ‘Terminal Lung Cancer’ — the diagnosis he claimed to have been given by the medical profession — and for which, he was at pains to explain, he had specifically elected to receive no treatment of any kind; neither surgical nor palliative: no intervention whatsoever. He made a great point of this. It seems that it needed to be said, otherwise how could he have justified his decision not to accept the cancer treatment (which would almost certainly be the course of action for anyone genuinely diagnosed) without giving the lie to his elaborate subterfuge:  his ‘explanation’ was to pre-empt suspicion.

In ‘West:’ (published in July 2010) he wrote in detail and at length about his ‘illness’,  and in an article in the ‘Times’, 13/07/2010,  he added:  ‘Post script: My cancer — not worth mentioning in my view  [yet here, clearly, he is doing just that] — carries a one chance in ten of survival beyond five years. In November I’ll be three years in.’  So stoic; so brave…

The consultant*  who was kind enough to contribute notes on the subject, 6/05/2014,  wrote:  ‘In WEST Perrin states that ”he has upper lobe carcinoma with metasteses in both lungs”. This is stage 4 cancer and it would carry the likely prognosis of a matter of a few months if untreated.’  Later in his notes he says:  ‘I find the account of the diagnosis of Perrin’s cancer to be very unlikely, and the lack of progression of a tumour is strong evidence that he has not, and has never had lung cancer.’

So: it would appear that Jim Perrin has the most remarkable, if not incredible, powers of survival particularly when one considers that he dated his ‘diagnosis’ to 2007, now well over a decade ago, and was reported by Sir Andrew Motion to have said ‘he had refused conventional medicine.’ Elsewhere, writing himself:  ‘Pneumonectomy, chemotherapy and radiography treatments were suggested but I brusquely walked away from them.’  It is also of interest, and worth reminding readers, that several years ago he had let it be known that he was suffering from liver cancer — only later choosing ‘terminal lung cancer’ to be his fatal illness. It really is a miracle that he is still alive…

*   *   *   *   *

It seems to us the saddest of all ironies that Jac, for whose sake we set up this site was, genuinely, diagnosed with cancer and, although accepting of all the care and treatment offered to her, tragically she died barely nine months later — this  in stark contrast to Jim Perrin’s evidently dishonest and distasteful accounts of his own ‘terminal illness’.

It added to the trauma of our sister’s last months that he  (Jim Perrin was then her partner) actively controlled her and on many occasions actually prevented her contact with family and friends;  particularly in her final weeks of life. During this time he silenced the telephone and went so far at one point as to change the security code on her vehicle so that she was unable to leave him — this occurred whilst her ‘Yorkshire’ sister was visiting her. It was discovered when they had decided to go out together and Jac found she was prevented from starting her own car. Of course when she realised what he had done she was beyond furious.

We have been told by a dear friend of Jac’s (they had been close since their children were tiny) how Jim Perrin highhandedly telephoned her to cancel an arrangement she had made with Jac, to visit the sea. In view of Jac’s frailty  by now, this friend was to drive to her house to collect her and take her there, as  Jac had said how very much she longed  to go…  Jim Perrin told her that Jac no longer wished it, and he told Jac that it was her friend who had had cancelled !!!  Jac never knew why her friend had ‘let her down’ and it was only on discovering our site that her friend learned the full horror of Jim Perrin’s behaviour. It was a truly wicked intervention: Jac, terminally ill, would have had such solace: she loved the sea. These are three of many despicable examples of how Jim Perrin tried to exert power over our sister; not only during their time together but, in these cases, towards the very end of her life — truly, his behaviour was unconscionable.

*   *   *   *   *

As can be seen Jim Perrin did not die of the liver cancer from which he had pretended to be suffering some eighteen years ago, and he has not succumbed to his ‘lung cancer’ — the story of which he so painstakingly proclaimed in interviews and at book festivals around the country at the time of the publication of his book ‘West’ — and, indeed, since then. We have been told that even to the present day he refers to his (non-existent) ‘cancer’ giving people to understand that he Has Not Been Well At All…  Of course although he does not have cancer it is known that in its many forms it can strike, terrifyingly, at any time and the chances of anyone being diagnosed are very high indeed: so it might well be that he does develop it in the future. We hope that Jim Perrin remembers the old adage: ‘Be careful what you wish for’ as it would be such bad luck, after all this time.

Surely, now, it must be realised by all who have been taken in by him that his previous pretences were just that. Entirely fictitious and fabricated falsehoods constructed to manipulate their emotional responses and thereby to gain sympathy, support and, as he did, advantages. Jim Perrin, the author, is also a masterly deceiver.

We need no caveat of ‘we believe’ to say this. On the subject of his illnesses; his relationships; his treatment of his partners; his violence; his fraudulent behaviour (for just one example, his successful hoodwinking over the years of the Child Support Agency — now the CMS) etc. etc. the evidence is all documented and readily available should we be called upon to provide it.

Jac’s sisters.

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Jim Perrin, diagnosed with terminal lung cancer?
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The first of these posts would seem to drive a coach and horses through Jim Perrin’s ‘story’.