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Jim Perrin plans his next move

When Jim Perrin wrote to our sister shortly after May 1st 2003, it was to express his view that their relationship should be placed on a more public footing.

We have acknowledged elsewhere in our blog that our sister became very much ‘ in love’ with him and was, certainly for a time, besotted and could not see clearly.

Others in North Wales who knew him, and of his reputation, had warned her of his potential for violence – even telling her that he had viciously attacked a former wife. We know it was not gossip or a slur, but the simple truth, and he admitted it to Jac in the presence of two of her sisters when asked about it a year and a half later. Nor, we have been told since our sister died, was that the only woman whom Jim Perrin had assaulted – it is a coward’s way to attack a woman. ONCE would have been a heinous crime, but there have been several attacks throughout his ‘career’; both physical injuries and extreme psychological damage have been meted out to those over whom he had control: a denial would be futile. Continue reading


Jim Perrin’s “fait accompli”

Our sister met Jim Perrin at a reading on the evening of October the 29th, in 2002.  Jac had known him nearly three decades earlier – as she explained to us, ‘briefly and intermittently’ – and there had been no contact in the intervening years:  he was in the past.

At the time of the meeting he was living in Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant – although he had been there for less than a fortnight – a removal firm had delivered his possessions, from his previous address in Ruabon, only on the 18th of that month.

However, having met her on the 29th and seeing very little of her up to Christmas he wrote:

‘Over Christmas she was away on a dutiful and extended tour of relations – – – ‘!

Away?  The implication (and this book is based very largely on implication) being that she was not, ‘as usual’, living with him.

Nor was she!  Nor had she been!  She was living in her own home celebrating Christmas with her children and family and with her partner of sixteen years.  (Ref: our blog ‘Jac’s Last Long Relationship’). Continue reading