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Jac’s Sisters’ letter to Wales Literature Exchange

To the Officers of Wales Literature Exchange

[We have also sent this letter to others to whom it could be of interest]

That you should facilitate the author Jim Perrin’s advertisement for his book ‘West:’ via your video link is very shocking to us.

We have proved beyond doubt that he is a man who has in this book, which he claims to be autobiographical, lied; lie upon lie.

Jac’s sisters – she is the main character in the book – felt the necessity to record the facts; to tell the real story of her short relationship with a man she had come to fear and from whom she planned to separate.  In fact she died, and this too early death from her cancer allowed Jim Perrin to take ‘carte blanche’. Continue reading


Response to Mac’s comment and review

We first posted this reply on ‘Amazon’ where it remained for some six months before being deleted – along with many others which were not favourable to Jim Perrin.

It is our belief that he caused the removal of the majority of these himself; as we pointed out in an earlier blog, ‘Jim Perrin’s Fiefdom’, in our opinion the author has been manipulating the internet for some time:

Posted February 2011:

‘Yes, Mac, we do believe that Jim Perrin – author of ‘West:’ is also the ‘author’, either wholly or in part, of many of the reviews of his book and subsequent comments. Ref: our blogs ‘A Question of Identity’ and ‘In Poor Taste’.

In our opinion there has been an attempt to promote his own work and at the same time, fearing our disclosures, to protect himself by ‘questioning’ our probity. (It is said attack is the best form of defence!) Continue reading